Flocculant / Coagulant


What is Flocculant /Coagulant?

Flocculant(Coagulant) is the agent which is added to flocculate colloids particle.

It is used to remove cloudiness etc. in a process of cleaning water.

There are greatly two types of Flocculants ; Inorganic and Organic,

and it is chosen from the kinds of wastewater or treatment process.


flocculant                                 Supernatant water

into               After Process             &

Polluted water                             Sediment

We deal with inorganic powder flocculants.

It can easily treat with only one item, and doesn’t need a place and large facilities.

EightFlock-A / EightFlock-N

for Civil Engineering ・ Construction


for Industry ・Food・Dyeing

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