• It is a flocculant for waste fluid processing to be abailable reguardress for a field.
  • Cast a powder type Eight-Flock into a waste water and stirring, it comes for a solid and a liqid by separation processing.
  • It is a flocculant of poders.

オイルフロック 粉体

Processing example

  • Paint wastewater
  • Food wastewater
  • Oil emulsion wastewater
  • Water-soluble cutting wastewater
  • Washing wastewater
  • Steel-related wastewater etc.

Featres of Eight-Flock

  • 1agent(1process)simplify facilities and process that is usually use 2~4 treating agent
  • pH adjustment without using sulfuric acid and caustic soda
  • Quality of the water improvement such as Suspended Solids(SS)、COD、Normal hexane etc is possible
  • Separated sludge is hydrophobic, and easy to dehydration


Images of Eight-Flock’s flocculation Separation

 Customer Comments

  • Aichi Pref. Company T:"Sedimentation of the grime was early, and Work efficiency was improved."
  • Ibaragi Pref. Company J:"We are satisfied with the cohesion effect on fines."
  • Kagoshima Pref. Company M:"Solidification action of the oil is high"

 We can also suggest a water treatment devices

オイルフロック システム1  オイルフロック システム2

  • Shorttime handling in combination with Eight-Flock
  • It can be used wherever including the ourdoor
  • There are 2 kinds of batchs; hand-operated or automatic
  • we can custamize the processing capacity at size you like

Packing of Eight-Flock

  • We have 2 types of packing;20kg and 6kg
    オイルフロック 荷姿
    ▲Image of 20kg(10kg×2bags)packing