EightFlock-N / EightFlock-A


EightFlock-N and EightFlock-A are both inorganic powder type flocculant( Coagulant).

They shows capability of reducing turbidity of effluent and adjusting pH range at the same time.
水澄まいる 粉体    
▲Powder type flocculant

Processing Examples


River turbid water・Dredging construction turvid water・Algae processing and so on



Concrete related turbid water・Core wastewater・Cleaning raw concrete car and so on


Freature of Eight-Flock

  • 1item(1Process)simplify the process and facility
  • The quality of clouded water ・concrete clouded water are improved to neutrality level
  • Water impovement of Suspended Solids(SS)、pH range
  • Isolated sludge improves dehdration, and the grime formation does not elute again

※Please drain the water after confirming the quality of water  with the law andordinances

Images of Coagulative Separation

①Add ・Stir                                       ②Flocculated!!

水澄まいる 凝集の様子


Example of Muddy Water





Example of Concrete Drain

We can also suggest a wastewater treatment device.

SMR-30   SMU-300
  • Shorttime handling in combination with Eight-Flock
  • It can be used wherever including the ourdoor
  • There are 2 kinds of batchs; hand-operated or automatic
  • we can custamize the processing capacity at size you like

Packing of Eight-Flock

  • We have 2 types of packing;20kg and 6kg
    水澄まいる 荷姿
    ▲Packing of 20kg
    水澄まいる 20kg、6kg 荷姿
    ▲Packing of 20kg/box(left) and 6kg/box(right)
  •  EightFlock-N :20kg(10kg×2bags)and 6kg(1kg×6bags)
  •  EightFlock-A: 20kg(1kg×20bags)and 6kg(1kg×6bags)